Selasa, 5 November 2013

Hey!..What Are You Doing??..Today is Holiday

because today was a pulic holiday for entire Malaysia
so now im home..
wake up from sleep and take a bath..
home seems very quiet..
I go down stairs
looking for my brother, my sister in-law, and my nephew Darrell
but there are not at home
ok now i got it..
I've been leave alone at home..
and there's no internet connection..
NO internet connection..

What to do??
today is holiday..
and im home alone...and no internet connection..
wash clothes, switch on tv...searching any movie, drama or show..
hungry, grap a snickers..but don't have snickers now

open up the food cover.., fried rice over there..
eat fried rice..watching television..
monk, future choice, romance town, sungkyunkwan scandal, a stranger housekeeper, star king..
ok no more interesting drama or movie..lets drying clothes..
it's 4 pm now..and nobody is coming home

calling another brother..looks like he's doing his job..
frustrated..continue watching tv....
6.30pm..yeahh!!..somebody is coming home..

thats how i spend my holiday


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