Khamis, 13 Disember 2012

This Is tHe st0ry 0f my LifE

s0metimes I smiles...s0metimes I'm laughing..
but s0metimes I do feel sad...and als0 crying..

s0metimes I feel energetic..s0metimes I full of spirit..
but s0metimes I'm 0ut 0f energy..
s0metimes I'm exhausted..
s0metimes I did enj0y my day..
but s0metimes I feel tired 0n kind 0f things..
and s0metimes my life is misrable..

s0metimes I'm really happy..s0metimes I smiles f0r the whole day..
but s0metimes I get jeal0us 0f pe0ple..

s0metimes I remember all pe0ple ar0und me..s0metimes I still remember my past..
but als0 s0metimes I'm forgot on the simple things happen in my day..

BUT whatever it is..this is h0w Allah create my st0ry..this is the st0ry of my life..d0n't simply judge bef0re u really knew wh0 I am...get t0 kn0w me first then judge me..then I w0n't blame u..I need this kind 0f pe0ple to complete my st0ry..remind me if I'm forget..wake me up if I'm sleeping..and send me Al-fatihah if I'm n0 l0nger in this w0rld...

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